Wall Drug Store

Bridge view of the lower Sioux Falls

It's A Trap...A Tourist Trap!

If you’ve ever driven west across South Dakota on Interstate 90, you’ve seen a billboard (or 100) advertising for Wall Drug Store. It is absolutely a tourist trap, but if you are in the area checking out the Badlands, you should check it out. Advertisements telling us of the giant Jackalope, five cent cup of coffee, Western themed souvenirs, and a giant dinosaur piqued our interest. We learned that it became as popular as it is today by simply offering a free glass of iced water to tourists.

Our GPS led us to a one-lane street with incredibly tight parking spots lined with shops and restaurants. It didn’t look like anything more than a rundown strip mall. However, walking into Wall Drug transported us straight into the Wild West. There were stores full of trinkets, homemade fudge, Christmas ornaments, beautiful Western artwork, and the walk way was lined with Western mannequins to pose with. The only thing keeping up us from stocking up was our rule of “Nothing breakable in the trailer!” Oh, and the fact that we literally live in a tiny travel trailer now.

Bridge view of the lower Sioux Falls


It is fun to browse the stores and try some fudge, but the magic is in the Backyard. I rode a Jackalope, a majestic creature that is a jackrabbit with antelope horns. I also made friends with a 6-foot rabbit and Bryan tamed a wild stallion. There is a Western art gallery, gold mining area, and a giant T-rex. Stop in for some refreshing water and hilarious photos.

Bryan riding a bucking broncoShelly riding the JackalopeShelly making friends with a six foot tall rabbit statue