all about wanderlump

Bryan and Shelly at Dead Horse Point, South Dakota

Welcome to wanderlump! We are Bryan and Shelly and we are excited to share our adventure with you. We decided to take our lives, our jobs, and our two cats on the road and become full-time travelers.

Shelly was already working remotely and Bryan got a fully remote position in February 2021. Just before Bryan got his job, our apartment complex gave us renewal papers and the rent went up significantly. We were already spending a small fortune on our one bed/one bath apartment outside of Denver. We took a step back and looked at our lives. Being apartment poor was not what we wanted anymore. After many calls with family and friends to make sure we weren't just acting COVID crazy, endless research and Excel spreadsheets, and getting permission from both cats, we officially moved out of our apartment in April and became full-time travelers.

Catalina Wine Mixer is affectionately named after the epic movie Step Brothers. She is a seven year old Tortoiseshell and she absolutely lives up to her breed - she is the spiciest meatball! Some women found her as a kitten on their car engine right before Halloween and brought her in to where Shelly was working in Chicago. She was the cutest kitten with markings on her face like a racoon ninja. We had been talking about getting a kitten for a few months, so Shelly "fostered" her until Bryan got back from his work trip. He fell in love with her at first sight. Catalina likes doing karate in the garage, her favorite dinosaur is a velociraptor, and her meow is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

Catalina in her tower
Lumpy as a kitten, screaming

Lumpy Space Princess is a six year old Siamese Munchkin and she is named after the lovable, overly dramatic purple blob on Adventure Time. Her first few months of life were pretty rough. She had a prolapsed rectum that was repaired twice and both surgeries failed. Somehow, Shelly volunteered to "foster" this fluffy little cotton ball that was poo stamping all over the place. She did surgery to repair it and apparently, third time's a charm. Lumpy now has the cutest börthole this side of the Mississippi and loves putting it in your face. Lumpy would kill for a piece of cheddar, she absolutely loves burying and chasing crinkle balls all over the house, and she protects us from any bug who dares to make their way into our travel trailer. This absolutely ridiculous, genetically challenged cat is the cutest cat in the world and inspired us to build wanderlump!